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fHarold in studio 2017

Hi! Welcome to my website! I am an artist with 48 years of experimenting in the visual arts, piling up canvas after canvas, selling a few throwing a few. So now I've spent a year locating and cataloguing what I've done and hope to be able to show you some of the back-alley dead-ends as well as the major thoroughfares I've travelled. It will take time but what the heck, it's only taken me 72 years to get this far. I hope you enjoy your visit and tell your friends about it. And if you wish, contact me:

info(@) hberglund.com

Self Portrait 2014

Harold in studio September 2017


 Self-portrait in oil 2014 54x54 cm


The three volumes below are written by Rhuddem Gwelin as part of The Merlin Chronicles – a series of 5 volumes of magical history of which these three are available on The Net, in bookstores or ask your librarian to order them. Volume 3 is coming this fall and volume 5 some time in the future.

Note the pictures on the covers are paintings by me.

The Nature of Things

Wrathful Traveller

Protecting Cheesyfee